ReaScan® rapid test reader

ReaScan® assay technology

Reagena ReaScan® is a complete diagnostic system making use of a proprietary immunochromatographic test technology, the hand-held refractometer ReaScan® reader. The system is easy-to-use, fast, and it fulfills diagnostic requirements for both qualitative and quantitative measurements.

Unique immunochromatographic test technology

ReaScan tests include a test cassette and a vial containing particulate conjugate. The sample is added into the conjugate vial in which the analyte is bound to the conjugate. The conjugate is then transferred into the test cassette, in which the sample migrates along the test strip and reacts with the capture reagents immobilised on the test strip forming a coloured line. The intensity of the test line is proportional to the amount of analyte in the sample and is converted into numerical value by ReaScan Rapid test reader. The final result is achieved by comparing the ReaScan value with the lot-specific cut-off values.

Since the analysis is performed with consistent reagent volumes and concentrations, the system allows also quantitative measurements with precision better than 10 CV% for most of the analytes. ReaScan technology provides a very flexible analysis system. Depending on the analyte, analytical sensitivity can go as low as a few micrograms per litre. Therefore, most of the clinically valuable analytes are measurable with  ReaScan system.



How does it work?

1. Transfer the sample into the conjugate tube and mix well

2. Load the sample to the test cassette and wait for 15-20 min depending on the assay

3. Switch the power on and open the rack by pressing it

4. Insert the cassette

5. Close the rack

6. Open it again

7. The numerical result is immediately displayed on the screen

ReaScan Rapid test reader is a very simple-to-use device. It operates with two AAA batteries, which are the only replaceable parts in the device. No maintenance is required. All ReaScan tests are factory calibrated, which allows fast and simple analysis. The total analysis time of ReaScan tests is 15-20 minutes and the reading time is only 5 seconds. The reader is designed for true point-of-care use as it is pocket-size (82x32x125 mm), with a weight of only 200 g.